Attention Marketplace Businesses!

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Do you sell on eBay, Amazon, or even all three and more?

Struggling to cope with demand?

Looking for extra storage space?

Need to automate your stock management systems?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions then you may want to think about outsourcing to a fulfilment company.

As your business grows, so do your physical / system requirements and if those requirements aren’t met then you will lose control and your business will struggle and eventually fail.

One of the common issues many small businesses face as they start to grow is keeping up with the increasing demand of their customers. Starting off as sending out 8 or 9 parcels a week via the local post office may well triple in just a matter of months. Despatching goods in time, continuing to pack them to the same high standards and dealing with returns and enquiries can soon become a bridge too far. With extra storage space to also consider, finding a company to store your goods to in a secure and clean environment is of vital importance. Fulfilment companies can assist with most aspects of selling online including:

Pick and Pack

From 10 orders to 1000 orders per day or 1 to 10,000 SKU’s, order fulfilment companies can cater for most types of seller. Warehouse staff are trained to deal with most types of products from small, low value fragile items to large high value bulky goods. Fulfilment warehouses invest in the latest technology and have pre-planned layouts and picking strategies. This ensures that accuracy is high and deadlines are met with most offering a minimum 3PM cut off for same day despatch. Once the goods are picked, they are packed securely to customer’s specification. Some companies also provide a bespoke gift-wrapping service, which is ideal for fashion businesses or novelty goods companies. Orders are despatched according to their pre-stated delivery method and have unique consignment ID’s to enable full traceability right up the point of delivery. Having an outsourced fulfilment partner provides a real professional edge to your business that will set you apart from your competitors.


A lack of storage space and security is a major concern for lots of online sellers. Not only is it important to have enough space to house your goods, but they also need to be in the correct conditions and secure. Fulfilment companies provide many different types of storage, each for their varying stock sizes. Bin Storage is suited to smaller components, whilst shelving type storage is ideal for larger item and also companies seeking secure document storage. Racked storage accommodates larger pallet quantities whilst bulk storage enables heavy stock to be stacked, making the most of the square footage allocated. Stock can either be stored in a Single-User warehouse (dedicated facilities for large Blue Chip companies) or a Multi-User warehouse.

Outsourced warehouse storage can also cater for peak demand and can often provide Customs warehousing for Bonded Goods for the storage of dutiable goods. Whatever your storage requirements, fulfilment companies have the space and conditions to accommodate this so you can rest assured that your goods are being looked after in the best possible way.

Stock Management

As your stock grows, you will need a more sophisticated and accurate system to control your stock. Fulfilment companies provide stock rotation, status and batch control, cyclical counting and year-end stock takes. These procedures ensure that you have a real-time angle on your stock balances.


Most fulfilment companies can also offer a variety of delivery methods, from UK Next Day and Timed Deliveries to Global services and Same Day Couriers. Providing your customers with a variety of delivery options is important to the success and growth of your business. You no longer need to worry about making your way to the Post Office or queuing up to post out your goods, nor do you need to be concerned about whether or not your goods will get to a customer on time. Outsourcing also allows you tap into the preferential buying rates fulfilment companies receive and can often result in savings on your delivery costs.

In Summarising

Outsourcing to an order fulfilment company can prove an invaluable step for a growing business. Once a business has reached a ‘critical point’ when they know they need to adapt to accommodate new growth, outsourcing is a fantastic solution. With the right partner on board it provides security, efficiency, flexibility and above all it can improve the bottom line profitability.

Jo Cogan is a creative designer hailing from the UK with experience in digital, print and illustration. Her clients range from schools and restaurants to music companies and fashion designers. She currently works for an Ecommerce agency who design, build, market and host websites using the Magento platform. Her role at the company includes creating the look and feel of websites, branding, marketing and copywriting.


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